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Online sales now available!

We now have some of our jewellery pieces available through an online store.

The lovely folk at The Collective Store, in Wynnum (Brisbane, QLD), are managing an online portal for us, so please take a look!


Photoshoot fun!

Recently I spent the day at a photoshoot for ‘Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture’ assisting with styling, and
behind the scenes pics.  Photography on the day was done by Mark Greenmantle, and as always his shots came out amazing. The models were a delight to work with, and all involved had a terrific time (despite the heat!), and the shoot was a great success.  I took this snap shot of the models enjoying themselves between takes.

New poster for the ‘Sweetheart Jewellery’ range.

In my last post I talked about the new range of jewellery I have been creating recently. The first batch are almost ready to go, so I spent some time yesterday putting together a promo poster. Pretty pleased with the outcome, seeing as I was also having a crash course lesson in how to use photoshop, for this poster!

I will be posting pics of the new pieces hopefully in the next week or so.

New jewellery range, “Sweetheart Jewellery”

I have been tinkering with a new range of jewellery, that is a bit more ‘dieselpunk’ or ‘decopunk’ in theme. I have always loved Art Deco style and design and while doing some research recently, I came across pieces of WWII era sweetheart jewellery. Servicemen during the war passed out these little bits of their heart to their loved ones during the time of their sacrifice. Women on the home front, or in the service themselves, were proud to wear and show the world their patriotic symbols of hope, love, duty, courage and patience. They were given to not only girlfriends and wives, but very frequently mothers and sisters too. It let them feel connected to their loved ones on the other side of the world.

This idea of letting someone know they are loved and missed, and also the wearer being able to feel like the person is with them in spirit, is a truly special thing.  Our modern day world may be connected so much more easily on an electronic level, with emails and internet etc, but I think the special thrill to receive a hand picked treasure from a loved one, is something that cannot be compared.

Here are the first couple of pieces from the new range. And don’t forget to tell someone you are thinking of them…it will make their day.

Otto – Octopus’ Garden sculpture

We recently booked Brisbane based photographer Mark Greenmantle to St Baker Studios to photograph our sculpture ‘Octopus’ Garden’ (affectionately known as Otto) on location. Otto is the winner of the 2015 Recycling Art Competition held by the Brisbane City Council.

Otto will be leaving his home of the past year to head south back to the studio while we scout for his ‘forever home’. If you’d like to express an interest in giving our cephalopod assemblage artwork, Otto, his forever home, please contact us.