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‘Octopus’ Garden'(aka Otto)


The ‘Octopus’ Garden’ is an assemblage sculpture, created for the Recycling Art Competition. In line with the comp outlines, the sculpture is created from recycled materials, and these items can only be sourced¬†during the duration of the competition. These rules make for a tough but exciting challenge!

Octopus’ Garden, or Otto as we call him, was the winner for the 2015 competition. He is a mechanical octopus sitting upon his treasure chest. Our story goes that due to his mechanical structure he can’t actually go in the water as he would seize up and rust, so he spends his days reading and dreaming of adventures at sea….equipped with a pot of tea, tea cup, reading lamp and magnifying glass.


Here are some of the items that went in to his construction:


In progress photos:


The finished sculpture:

the finished piece!