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Junkalina and the Clockingbird

Junkalina and the Clockingbirdbec_peart_junkalina-copy

This sculpture was created as our entry in the Brisbane City Council’s Tip-Shop competition in 2013. Winners were decided via public vote, and we were lucky enough to take out first prize. Junkalina is created from completely recycled materials, beginning with a 1950s mannequin and adorned with a dress and accessories of metal discarded objects. She holds in one hand her best friend, the Clockingbird which is made from old clock parts and cutlery.

This gallery shows images from her construction through to finish.



Progress pics from the build. Competition had an incredibly small 6 week deadline to be finished!


The finished product, ready to be delivered and put on show.


Winners announcement at Brisbane Square Library. The Lord Mayor was in attendance to hand out the prizes


Junkalina and the Clockingbird has since featured in exhibitions and even on TV shows. Here is a selection of photos of her adventures.