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Junkalina and the Clockingbird have their own gallery here.

Octopus’ Garden (aka Otto) has his own gallery here.

Sweetheart Jewellery has its own gallery here

Or you can scroll down through the pictures below for our other projects.


‘Through the Looking Glass’ mirror


Assemblage mirror series


‘Time Cycles’ clock


‘Lady Justice’, commissioned assemblage sculpture for a lawyers office. She has details such as paper judges wig, blindfold, and sword from a pair of broken scissors. The doors can be open or closed, and the newspaper used on the front is the magistrates listings from a late 1800’s newspaper.


‘Angelus Mechanica’


‘Freedom Machine’ – Assemblage sculpture made for the Spare Parts exhibition. Artists were asked to create an artwork from a pre-loved prosthetic leg, and all sales from the artworks were donated to a charity in Laos for victims of land mines.